Sunday, June 24, 2012

Simple & Tasty: English Muffin Bread

What's that you say? You love homemade bread but don't like all the mixing of dry ingredients, then wet ingredients, then everything all together, then waiting for all the rising action, then... well, you get the point. There are often a lot of steps.

Ohhh and you love English muffins???

Weeellllll then aren't you lucky, because here's the recipe for you: English Muffin Bread

Why is it so easy? Because:
- It's only FIVE ingredients (water, yeast, salt, sugar, & flour)
- It involves only ONE bowl, for mixing everything AND for the first rise
- Mix all 5 ingredients, let rise once, put in loaf pan, let rise a second time, and bake.

See? Easy!! And the results are really tasty. It has the telltale English muffin bread air pockets, it's very light, toasts great, and is super yummy coated in jam.

Find the recipe over at, including freezing instructions! Yep, just bake, cool, slice, and freeze!

The second rise happens right in the loaf pan!
Finished product!

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