Tuesday, May 8, 2012

L'eggo My Pricey Eggos!

Freezer Cooking Mini Test: Silver Dollar Pancakes
Last week I alluded to my "Freezer Cooking Mini Test: Silver Dollar Pancakes". My daughter, Annabel, looooves carbs. She especially loves pancakes and french toast sticks, and to date I've been buying Eggo silver dollar pancakes and Eggo french toast sticks. If you get them on sale they're not too expensive, but I still couldn't help but wonder... can I do that??

Like I said last week, I used my go-to super simple Better Homes and Gardens buttermilk pancake recipe (so fast to put together!) and made 50 silver dollar pancakes (well 51, but I had to taste test... right??).

Cost Comparison
The Eggo silver dollar pancakes package contains 40 pancakes, and costs about $3.

I didn't have my receipts handy, so I turned to a guest post at Money Saving Mom that provides a simple recipe cost calculator. I used it to rough out the cost of the pancake recipe and the result is... $0.43. For 51 mini pancakes. Wow.

I won't go into many details, because pancakes are so darn simple and you've probably made hundreds yourself. The only thing I'll share is that an electric griddle makes pancakes a breeze! It provides a big surface, even heat, and is non-stick (aka quick clean-up!). And when making silver dollar pancakes, you can really fill up the surface with loads of li'l pancakes! It's one of the reasons why the whole project only took about thirty minutes, from start to finish.
I made sure they were completely cooled before putting the entire cooling rack o'pancakes into the freezer. I left them there overnight and they were frozen solid by the morning. So I put them in a labeled freezer bag and squeezed out all the air. And just like that, the easy part was done! :)

The Pint-Sized Judge
I have to admit, I was pretty excited for the taste test. :D

To be as fair as possible to the pancakes (hehe) I heated up two of each type, and placed each on the same plates.
I microwaved them (about 20 seconds for the Eggos, 15 for mine) and cut them up, then drizzled them with a bit of syrup. And then I set them on Annabel's tray at exactly the same time, and watched the action unfold!
Mom, why do I feel like a guinea pig?
Aaaaaand... Annabel tried one of each, but then polished off the Eggos. D'oh!!
Sorry, Mom!
Darn those fluffy little Eggos! I felt bad at first, but THEN she ate all of MY pancakes! Phew!!!
More, pease!
I told myself I wouldn't care either way, but I did. And I was really relieved that she actually liked my creations too. ;-)

Final Verdict
I'm going to let Annabel finish off the last of the Eggo silver dollar pancakes, but then I'm going to stick with the homemade pancakes from here on out (unless we encounter a pancake shortage emergency situation, of course). Annabel likes the homemade kind, and the Eggo version is seven times more expensive!

I may however try some different recipes to see if I can achieve a fluffier more Eggo-like mini pancake. If I do, I'll share!

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  1. She looked skeptical at first but eventually succumbed to the homemade goodness! Love the accompanying photos! And on a bad hair day no less!